Friday, 8 May 2015

Birding in Java, simple but very challenging!

javan munia
Javan Munia (Burung pipit)
Birding is a very challenging activity. The photographer must be patient to get a very good photo. Wild birds are very active. They always move from tree to tree, from branch to branch. Good camera and long-ranged zoom lenses are the requirements. Others things should be consider are appropriate clothes to blend with the color of nature. Wild birds are normally very susceptible to any movements around the environment. Just keep everything in a very quite movement. The best time to do birding activity is during the dry season. Wet season is also good, but you will need more weatherproof gears to protect the camera and lenses.
Eurasian Tree Sparrow (Burung Gereja)
The small island of Java has more than 600 species of birds. Many kind of birds from raptors to a very small singing birds can be found, sometimes are easily found but sometimes are very difficult. Some protected bird species are bred at the national park conservation areas, such as Rhinoceros Hornbill in Merubetiri National park East Java, and Javan Hawk Eagle in Merapi National Park Jogjakarta.
Brown-throated sunbird
Brown-throated sunbird (Burung Prenjak)
There are several good birding places in Java. Most of the National park in Java have many variety of birds such Javan Caucal, Javan Sunbird, Green Peafowl, Javan Hawk Eagle, King Fisher, est. Here is the list of nice birding places in Java: The west part of Java named Ujung Kulon National Park, Gede Pangrango National park, Meru Betiri National Park, Baluran National Park, Kebun Raya Bogor, Pangandaran Nature Recreation Park, and Merapi National Park Jogjakarta.


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