Monday, 5 December 2011

Frozen Lava Healing Power, The Merapi Lava Bed Health Therapy by Mr. Christian Awuy

Merapi volcano is the source of life for those who live around it.The native said "Merapi is not erupting and killing people! but the Mountain of Fire is giving us bless and life". The Volcano has power to destroy and make new life. This is why the society of Merapi still love the volcano.
The volcano had create more than 8 km lava bed. It's a long frozen lava shaped by water for hundred of years. The volcano releasing its energy by the eruptions. The power is rested on the molten rock that come out from its source of power. Here, on the frozen lava you will find the real power of the Volcano.  

"Put your shoes off and touch the frozen lava with your feet, lay on it, close your eye, take a deep breath, then feel the power of the volcano runs through your feet to your body" said Mr. Christian Awuy, the man who found the healing power of the Merapi Lava Bed. Contact Us to joint this tour.


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