Thursday, 25 August 2011

Travel to The Unique and Erotic Sukuh Temple

Sukuh Temple, located in Karanganyar region of Central Java province, Indonesia, is a special unique and erotic temple. The shape of the temple and the carving are very uncommon compared to others temples in Java. The Pyramid shape of the temple rise many questions, one of the questions is how come the shape can be similar with the temple in South America, the Maya and Inca?  

Many unique statue and reliefs can be found here. The reliefs depict the story of purification. There are two stories told by Sukuh reliefs. The first is the story of  Sudamala, that is the story about the struggle of Durga the wife of Shiva to release her self from the curse of Shiva. She was cursed become ugly giant called  Uma by Shiva after she did mistake. There is only one person can cure her from the curse, he is Sadewa, one of the 5 warriors from the Mahabarata Epic. The second story is the story of Garudaeya, man in an eagle shape, who is releasing his mother from the slavery. It was told that Goddes Winata, the mother of Garudaeya, and Goddes Kadru were gambling to guest the color of the horse tail, the horse named Uchaiswara. Unfortunately, Goddes Kudru won because she was cheating. For the consequence, Goddess Winata must become Goddess Kudru's slave for some decades.

unique and erotic Statue of Sukuh Temple

The Lingga and Yoni

The Kala Head, God Of Temples Protector

The depiction of Goddes Uma who forced Sadewa to release from the curse

Sadewa talks to Tambrapetra and his doughter Ni Padapa

The Servants is giving anouncement

The Ganesha, son of Shiva, and the Keris Maker

Unique and erotic relief of Sukuh Temple
How to get to this Erotic sukuh temple is quite easy. The Traveler can start from Jogjakarta or Solo. From Jogja, the traveler can take the train to Solo only IDR 9000. And then, you can take public transport to Solo Bus terminal, continue by public bus to Karanganyar, to the Tawangmangu waterfall direction cost only IDR 10000. Ask the bus officer to drop you at the Sukuh street, after that you can take Ojek or motor taxi to the Temple cost around IDR 15000. The easier way is take the tour or rent a car and driver from Solo or Jogjakarta, but of course you must spent more than IDR 600.000 for this.


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Already follow my friend! thankas

van der said...

tempat ini sangat indah, udaranya sejuk, jauh dari kata polusi. saya tahu betul karena saya tumbuh dan besar disana, sebelum akhirnya saya merantau. sedikit kebawah, kira-kira 2 km ada air terjun jumog. lumayan bagus pemandangannya.airnya sangat jernih.
Buat Admin, makasih atas postingannya. saya jadi teringat kampung halaman saya.
kalau sempat mampir blog saya ya


Thanks Van der, this place is also special for me, I often come here with many foreign tourists

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