Friday, 2 September 2011

Travel To The Hidden Paradise, The Karimun Java

Sunset at Nirvana Island
Located on the north sea of Central Java, the hidden paradise called Karimun Java. The place for the divers to explore the beauty of under sea world, meeting with the colorful sea coral and various kind of beautiful fishes. Karimun Java islands is rarely visited by foreign tourist. Therefore, this islands is the right place for those who wanted to travel on the place where they meet only strangers.    
Coral reef at menjangan island
Diving and snorkeling are the best thing to do at this hidden paradise, The Karimun Java, beside enjoying the very beautiful sunrise and sunset! Or the travelers may rent fisherman boat to explore some islands. Some special places here are the Nirvana beach and the Menjangan island. The hotels on Karimun island are not expensive, ranged from IDR 150.000 (already with AC) until IDR 500.000, the travelers may choose, depend on their budget.
diving at Karimun Java

snorkeling activity at Karimun Java

Karimun Java coral reef
How to go to Karimun Java is very easy and cheap. The travelers can start from Semarang Harbour, on the north side of Central Java, continue with a passenger boat called Kartini Boat cost only IDR 140.000, please check the schedule because this boat only sail twice a week. For about 2 hours sailing, the boat will take you to the Karimun Island. Second option to go to Karimun islands is via Jepara city, a small city on the north side of Semarang. From Jepara, the travelers can take ferry, cost only IDR 20.000, VIP + IDR 50.000. The ferry needs more or less 6 hours to get to the Karimun islands. 
sunset at Karimun Java


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