Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Travel Info to Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Islands (photo courtesy of uniquephoto)
Raja Ampat is the paradise for the Divers. The unique nature, originality, untouched beauty of Raja Ampat Islands makes this place become prestigious tourist destination from all over the world. The travelers want to see the blue sky above the white sand beach and the many green small island above the clear sea water. At glance, your eyes will see many colorful fishes which are playing around the coral reef. No more word can be used to describe the beauty of this Island. You have to come here!!

Raja Ampat coral (photo courtesy of uniquephoto)
This is the easiest and cheapest route to go to the Raja Ampat islands. First find a flight from Jakarta to Sorong 7 hours flight. The plane are Batavia Air, Wings Air, and Express Air. The ticket is just around IDR 3000000,- come to Sorong and back again to Jakarta. As you arrive on Sorong, Domine Eduard Osok Airport, go to Sorong city, its only need few minutes walking. And then find a public transport, yellow color mini bus, to the harbour cost more or less IDR 3000,-
At the Harbour of Sorong, find a public boat transport to Raja Ampat city. The boat usually leave at 2.00 pm and cost around IDR 120.000,-. Make sure that your plane from Jakarta arrive in Sorong early before at 12.00 pm so you can take arrest and wait for the public boat to Raja Ampat. It needs only 2 hours sailing from Sorong Harbour to Raja Ampat Islands.

Raja Ampat coral reef (photo courtesy of uniquephoto)
The boat will take you Waisai Island, the capital city of Raja Ampat, you can find some hotel which cost from IDR 300.000 – IDR 400.000. And later, in the morning you can rent native people boat to take you around and see the beauty of Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Resort (photo courtesy of uniquephoto)
There are many resorts on Raja Ampat Islands. The Hotels run by foreign people, and the prizes are quite expensive around IDR 1,5 million until IDR 3 million per pax, per night. The best choices are the native people homestay. One of the nice homestays is belong to Mr. Ahmad, located on the Waisai beach south side of Waigeo Island, the biggest Island of Raja Ampat. The homestay is just a simple house but full of native hospitality. Many travelers from all around the world prefer to stay in this area. Mr. Ahmad also allow the travelers to set up tend around his environment to enjoy the warm beach at night.

Raja Ampat snorkeling (photo courtesy of uniquephoto)
For the Diving and Snorkeling activity, the travelers can join the hotels tours around. Or just hire the native small boat to take you around the island, do some snorkeling on some best place that the native already know.
Raja Ampat coral reef (photo courtesy of uniquephoto)


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