Saturday, 28 March 2015

Golden Sunrise of Sikunir, Dieng Plato, Central Java

sikunir sunrise
Sikunir Golden Sunrise
Sikunir sunrise is the most beautiful sunrise in Central Java. Many people said that the sunrise is as beautiful as Bromo Sunrise. Located on the high altitude about 2263m ASL, the travelers will have wide views of Central Java landscape. Central Java Volcanoes can be seen from this sunrise spot such as Sindoro volcano, Merapi volcano, Merbabu volcano, and Lawu volcano. This special spot is well-known as "Bukit Sikunir" or Sikunir Hill. This sunrise spot is located on the Sembungan Village, Dieng Plato, Central Java. It is about 4 to 5 hours car drive from Jogjakarta. 
danau sikunir
Cebong Lake, Sembungan Village
There is a lake called "Telaga Cebong" on the Sikunir areas, Sembungan Village. After enjoying the golden sunrise of Sikunir, fellow travelers can see this beautiful lake from another spot of the Sikunir Hill. Around the lake also Travelers may set up the camp and enjoying the Milky-way at night above the campsite. There are also many Guesthouses around the village. From the campsite lake and the village guesthouse will need more or less 45minutes walking to the Sunrise spot.  
sikunir milky way
Milky Ways from Cebong Lake, Sembungan, Dieng Plato

sikunir golden sunrise
Sikunir Sunrise
Each month of the year is actually good time to visit. From July to October is dry season, there will be clear and blue sky, but sometimes there is quite thick haze. November to May is wet season. There are some special moments during this season. Sometime the morning cloud will cover the valley but the sky above is clear and blue, so the travelers will feel that they are on the nirvana located above the claud. Normally after very heavy rain the view of the morning sunrise will be clear and beautiful. Therefore, staying several days here is a worth thing to do to get the best sunrise in Central Java. Contact us to get the best tour package Java and Bali.


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