Friday, 7 September 2012

Borobudur Sunrise from Punthuk Setumbu

borobudur sunrise
Enjoying the beauty of Borobudur temple can be done from several view points. One of the best view point is from the Punthuk Setumbu peak. Not many people know this beautiful spot. Mostly the tourist agent will take the tourist to Manohara hotel for Borobudur Sunrise program. The price for Manohara Borobudur Sunrise is also very expensive around USD $ 30, and usually the cloud will cover the temple so you see nothing. From the Punthuk Setumbu view point, the sunrise looks very nice. You can see Merapi Volcano and the temple on the misty cloud. The entrance ticket is only IDR 15.000,- or around USD $ 1,5.
Borobudur sunrise

borobudur sunrise

Punthuk Setumbu borobudur sunrise

Punthuk Setumbu borobudur sunrise

Punthuk Setumbu borobudur sunrise
This nice place is not only a spot to view the sunrise of Borobudur, but also to view many beautiful scenery around the village. There are many beautiful thing to see from the Punthuk Setumbu view point such as rice terraces, the traditional Javanese houses, the village people activity, etc. After enjoying the view, you may continue to visit the Borobudur on the early morning, which is still quiet and peaceful.
Nb: Click here to get the map route of Punthuk Setumbu


La Suno said...

Hi, thanksss for the posting! So, how do we get to Punthuk Setumbu from Yogyakarta? I'm thinking to reach the peak by motorcycle, do you think it will be safe enough (you know, it's about the route too)? And in the very early morning, what is the best hour to catch the sunset peeping on the top of Borobudur? Anddd any food stalls around? :)

Galih Jati said...

Thanks for your visit! To get to Punthuk Setumbu is very easy, you can do it by motorcycle. It need only 1 hour drive via mainroad. If you are not sure about the safety, you better take a guide from Jogja. To have the best sunrise you must start around 3.30 am in the morning, the sunrise is around 5.15 am - 5.30 am. You will get free coffee and tea here, and there will be many food stall or Indonesian Warung in Borobudur area. Soon I will make the route from Jogja to Punthuk Setumbu based on Google Map.

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