Sunday, 23 October 2011

Borobudur Sunrise, The Silent Buddha And Merapi, The Most Active Volcano in Indonesia

Borobudur is one of the world cultural heritages, has became the biggest Buddhist temple in the world since the 8 century. Surrounded by Menoreh hills on the south and some Java volcanoes on the north and west, the 35 meters high temple gives magnificent views for all the visitors who stand on its highest point. It is not only just a popular place among the world travelers, but also a holy place for the Buddhist people all around the world. Once in a years during the birth, the enlighten days, and the death of the first Buddha Sidharta Gautama, thousand of Buddhist people will do the 7 km away pilgrimage walk from the first small temple called Mendut temple to the second temple called Pawon temple, and then the last to the holy temple, the Borobudur. On the normal days, this beautiful temple will be visited by more than 1000 visitors a day, domestics and foreign tourists. Therefore, if you needed a quiet visit to thetemple, you have to come on the specific quite time.

The Borobudur sunrise will accommodate the fellow travelers to have a beautiful atmospheres and views. This is a definitely special tour. The fellow traveler will be performed by the nature beauty. The yellow morning light will creep from the east to light the faces of the silent Buddha. Morning mist covers the trees and the ground around the temple, as if the big building of the temple floating on the bed of white cloud. The Borobudur Park usually open at 06.00 am, but the sunrise program will give the opportunity to the visitors to come inside the park before the Sun sneaks out from the horizon on the early morning. The sunrise for Borobudur of course will ask the travelers more money for the entrance ticket. But, your life is special, everything is worth for your precious life, and also you will not bring any money with you if you were visited by the death!


Borobudur temple is located 45 km from Jogjakarta city. Administratively, it belonged to Central Java province, on the regency of Magelang. It was constructed during the glory of Buddhist Dynasty in Java around 850 AD. It took more than 50 years to finish, and yet it still unfinished according to some experts. The eruptions of the Merapi Volcano (2986 ASL) on the past were said to be the main reason for the people on the 10 century to leave central Java, and abandoned this masterpiece. The Java people for more than 8 century forgot about this beautiful temple, until the follower of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles who was the Governor of Java during the British ruled in Indonesia on 1815, rediscovered Borobudur temple which was covered by 2 meters thick volcano materials. The trees also grew covering the building made a perfect camouflage and preserve the temple for centuries well.
How to visit Borobudur temple is very easy. It only needs 45 minutes by chartered car from Jogjakarta cost more or less IDR 350 thousand for 5 hours. Or by public transportation from Jogjakarta Giwangan terminal cost only IDR 20.000,- per person. There is alternative way to travel that is by motorbike. The fellow traveler may pass through the village road, with a quiet and fresh air, no pollution. The beautiful view of the country side will also give plus attractions for your travelling. The fellow travelers may contact me for more informations.


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