Thursday, 1 September 2011

Travel to The Biggest Acid Lake of Ijen Crater

The green turquoise lake of Ijen Crater
The 1.1 km wide great acid lake is located on the crater of Ijen volcano. The travelers must climb to the altitude 2400 meters above the sea level to witness the nature beauty. Ijen volcano, known as Ijen Crater, is one of the 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia. This great crater is also one of two active volcano in Java which produce sulfur. The fantastic landscape of the volcano attract the eyes of travelers. Almost every morning, many people from all around the world climb this volcano for the superb view.    
The lanscape of the volcano will give you extraordinary views. The lake water is green. The sky is blue, and you will be standing above the cloud. But, not all travelers got that fantastic green turquoise lake view! Many travelers arrive on the top late, so that the cloud mix with the sulfur lake cover the views. The timing is very important! contact me for the best timing to witness the wonderful view of Ijen Crater!
The Sulfur Miners of Ijen Crater
To go to Ijen Crater by public transport is quite difficult because the volcano is located in the middle of a jungle with damaged road. All the traveler  can do is rent a car or join the coach tour. To rent a car is quite expensive for the budget travelers, but join the coach tour is cheaper. The fellow traveler may start from Jogjakarta or Surabaya combined with Bromo Tours, then drop in Bali, or start from Bali. There are several guest house near by Ijen Crater such as Katimor Homestar and Arabica Homestay. Both are nice place, located in the middle of Coffee Plantation. On Katimor homestay, you can visit the coffee factor, waterfall, and the natural hot spring. A special thing from Katimor Homestay is the making of the most expensive coffee in the world, the "luwak coffee".
Beautiful landscape on the way to the Ijen Crater

The sulfur miners carry more or less 80 kg of pure sulfur
Just remember the timing if you want to have great pictures with a clear and blue sky like my photos in this blog. One more suggestion, bring a good gas mask because the sulfur smoke can be blown by the wind to your direction. The sulfur smoke can damage your lung as you inhale it. Good trekking boot and pairs of trekking stick are needed also for the climbing and going down to the crater lake.
Beautiful acid lake of Ijen Crater behind the sulfur miner


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