Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Sunset at Prambanan Temple and Enjoy the Ramayana Ballet

Before the development of skyscrapers building on Java, the 47 meters high Shiva temple of Prambanan became the highest building in Asia since the 9 century. Consisted of several building of temples, Prambanan is astonishing. It is huge, enormous and beautiful. Hundreds of foreign and domestic tourists visit this temple from the early morning started at 6.00am until 6.00 pm. By paying USD $ 13 for foreign tourist, USD $ 6 for student, and IDR 20.000 for Indonesian citizen or KITAS owners, the visitors will not only enjoy the beauty of Prambanan Temple, but they may also visit others Buddhist temples on the north site of the Prambanan park. There are three others Buddhist temples, The Lumbung temple, bubrah Temple, and the Sewu Temple.
Located near by the main road from Jogjakarta to Solo, the temple is easy to reach. The travelers may take public transportation from Jogjakarta, such as the Trans Jogja cost only IDR 3500,- one way. Rent a car and driver will be more or less IDR 350.000,- per 4 hours. One of popular trips to visit Prambanan Temple is by motorbike trip. The motorbike tour will pass through the alternative road, so the travelers can enjoy the beauty of Jogjakarta village areas. Onother interesting trip is the Prambanan and the Hidden temples. Before visiting Prambanan, the trip will tak you to the hidden temple located on the country side of Jogjakarta. There are more than 18 ancient temples from the 7 - 10 century spread all around Jogjakarta.
The best time to visit Prambanan is on the afternoon, start around at 2.00 pm. If the sky was clear, the travelers will enjoy the superb sunset that they never forget. The travelers may also combine the tour with the famous Ramayana Ballet performance after visiting the temple. The ballet start at 7.30 pm. The ticket price for this Ballet ranged from IDR 45.000,- until IDR 200.000,- for the VVIP.


Reni Fatmasari said...

great sunset picture! :)


thanks Reni,its nice to see you here!visit my blog often ya!!

Yolah Store said...

want to see the ballet sometimes... it looks nice. Would you like to guide us, Yah?


the ballet need no guide, just follow and enjoy the story! its a masterpiece of Indonesian art, our firt president said that!

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