Monday, 22 August 2011

Romantic Camping at Krakatau Islands


Krakatau islands offer you the unforgettable memory of romantic and beautiful nature. There are no hotels. There are no toilets. There are no restaurants. There are no mobile coverages. Nothing just beautiful beaches, traditional sailorman boats, and a wild volcano which entertain you 24 hours. Located on the middle of sunda Strait between Java island and Sumatra island,  The Krakatau islands are national park so no one live there.

Camping near by the quite beach will give you another sense of traveling. The cook will serve the delicious Indonesian foods. A bottle of beer make the dinner perfect. The traveler may also explore the volcanic Island of Anak Krakatau, but they must be very careful because of the unexpected eruption might happen anytime. 

The traveler can get to the islands by chartered boat from Carita Java or Lampung Sumatra, either speed boat or slow boat. If you want to enjoy the sailing you better take the slow boat, because sometimes during the sailing many dolphins will accompany your boat. It is like back to the old time, sailing to the wide ocean with a wooden boat. Book this tour now! visit for special Krakatau Tour!


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